Arla Foods Introduces Coffee Flavour

Fatoumata Doro

Arla Foods Limited has introduced coffee flavoured Dano milk powder onto the market.

The new Coffee 3-in-1 variant is packaged in a 40g sachet.

Fatoumata Doro, Country Manager of Arla Foods, said Arla Foods is barely two years in Ghana, but has introduced great dairy products onto the market.

According to her, Arla Foods operates on four health pillars – making dairy even better, inspiring good food habits and choices, championing dairy goodness and making it easier for people to live healthier lives.

Marketing Manager of Arla Foods Limited, Mawusi Mawuenyefia, reiterated that Dano Coffee is an addition to the existing flavoured variants – chocolate and strawberry flavours – to provide more nutritious and exciting options of dairy products.

“Being a dairy company, our flavoured products are mainly milk with an addition of natural flavours,” she stated.
She urged Ghanaians to make dairy nutrition an essential part of their diet since a healthy diet is a requirement for developing healthy citizens for Ghana.

Arla Foods also boasts of mozzarella cheese and Lurpak butter.