British Airways Opens Centenary Archive

The queen and some officials of BA

British Airways has opened its archive collection to the public for the first time to share never-before-seen memories of key moments from its 100-year history.

British Airways Centenary Archive Collection explores moments
from the very first international flight with its predecessor airline, Aircraft
Transport and Travel Limited (AT&T) on August 25, 1919 carrying a
journalist, Devonshire cream, leather and several brace of grouse to the latest
images of its brand-new Club Suite.

collection, which will be hosted on a special centenary hub –, showcases hundreds of historical photos
and videos, as well as articles explaining how the British Airways we know
today evolved from a single-engine De Havilland aircraft flying the world’s
first daily international scheduled flight to Paris, to become a leading
airline flying more than 45 million customers a year to more than 200
destinations across the world.

digital collection includes images and videos of aircraft throughout the
decades, close-up photographs of uniforms worn by generations of cabin crew and
pilots, behind-the-scenes memorabilia from Royal and Olympic flights and
artefacts from Concorde – the most famous aircraft that ever flew.

reveal of the Centenary Archive Collection comes just a
day after British Airways had the honour of hosting a visit from Her
Majesty the Queen at the airline’s headquarters at Heathrow to mark the

Cruz, British Airways’ Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), said: “Air
travel has always been about connecting people around the world, and this
website will share the stories, achievements and memories of 100 years of
British Airways history.

1919, British Airways and its forerunners pioneered commercial air travel, and
our Centenary Archive Collection will
continue to evolve, as we look forward to the next 100 years of aviation.”

British Airways Heritage Collection is managed by retired British Airways’ colleagues
based at the airline’s head office near Heathrow. 

comprises hundreds of thousands of documents and pieces of memorabilia from
British Airways and its predecessor companies British Overseas Airways
Corporation (BOAC), British European Airwats (BEA), British South American
Airways (BSAA) and the pre-war Imperial Airways and British Airways Ltd.

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