Duamenefa Tourney Kicks Off Today

Officials admiring the trophy at stake 

One hundred and four football clubs have registered to
compete in the 2019 edition of the ‘Duamenefa’ regional tournament. 

The competition, which is considered by many as the ‘Olympic
Games’ of the Volta Region, is scheduled to begin today through to
November 16 this year.

At stake is a trophy with special cash prices and other
football souvenirs.  

The ‘Duamenefa’ tournament was promoted to the regional
status during the grand finale of the 2018 edition of the tournament by the
Volta Regional Directorate of Sports of the National Sports Authority, in recognition
of the professionalism and tact exhibited by the organisers, Fafaa 100. 3 FM,
with its associate NGO, Duamenefa Foundation, for promoting peaceful

Football talents were unearthed, with scouts such as FP
Sports, and Opal Sports UK were on the ground to hunt for talents.

The Southern Volta Referees Association constitutes the
official referees of the tournament.

The Regional Football Association (RFA) leadership was
equally key in support of the tournament.

The potentials in the youth of the area have been displayed
to the admiration of all and sundry and the dream of two among the lot were met
as they have been selected by scouts to play for clubs in Portugal and Finland,
while others among them were selected by the Volta Regional Directorate of
Sports to be nurtured to the next level.

 The tournament
started in 2017 with 46 all-male teams and a marathon of 71 athletes competing
in the race.

 In 2018, the teams increased to 77 and marathon racers
coincidentally were 77 in number too.

It was a great event that attracted dignitaries from the political class, the traditional authorities, as well as well-meaning stakeholders from all walks of life. Arthur Legacy is one of the sponsors of the tourney.

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