No Bruises, No Lacerations

Emmanuel Ajarfor

The bone of contention in
the modernghana ‘torture story’ is whether or not the two gentlemen were really
subjected to the ordeal one of them claimed they did.

We may even want to pose
specific questions about whether they suffered electric shocks or even had
their manhood or blokoss (to use Nigerian parlance) pulled as part of a routine
ordeal administered by the National Security Council Secretariat operatives.

After countless, as it
were, ranting and even press conferences and radio slots for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) darling
story, a medical report not only discounted the lies, but also one of the freed
cybercrime suspects, said he was not

We are just imagining what
they, we mean the propagandists, would spin next since the torture story has
melted like shea butter under the scorching sun in Binkpurgu.

It is worrying when
mischievous elements try in vain to squeeze water from desert stones. A radio
station was very active pushing the ‘blokoss pulled’ narrative as if the
originator had put out a gospel truth without blemish.

The young man, who claimed
his genitals were maltreated, should apologise to the nation for the lies he
peddled. As for the radio station which championed his cause and that of the NDC,
it is their stock-in-trade for which we can only say ‘posterity will surely
judge them.’

What the freed modernghana
man did when he was pouring out his wobbling story can be seen as recalling
PNDC/NDC national security operations tactics under the aegis of those paying
him to do so. Murders, electric shocks and even disappearances – features of
the junta and later the party it metamorphosed into – have long been confined
to the dark chapters of Ghana’s history.

Under the current
dispensation, the rule of law is supreme. Indeed, that is why a lying man can
still regain his freedom even after embarrassing the national security managers
of the country.

Nobody could have endured
the kind of torture the young man said he did and have his limbs bear weight.
That aspect of the medical officer’s report speaks volumes of the lies the man
told his compatriots and had gullible persons, politicians and even media fall
for. Nobody goes through the kind of Auschwitz concentration camp experience as
Ajarfor said and not show bruises or even lacerations alongside ‘bearing
weight’ effortlessly.

Partisan politics in the
hands of mischievous players can be destructive and even self-immolating. When
lawyers burn their integrity as they try to project lies, they do not only lose
respect, but also they cast filth on their otherwise noble profession.

One of the freed suspects
is engaging in a war of words with a lawyer. He has denied what the learned
gentleman put out in the public domain to discredit him in the eyes of
respectable Ghanaians.

Shouldn’t they who issued
press statements and became nuisances in their bid to present themselves as
human rights advocates retract their mendacious remarks and even express a
sincere remorse? If they are gentlemen, they would do if not they wouldn’t, we
can bet. For sure, there was no torture because it is not part of the national
security management architecture under President Akufo-Addo and the man he has
appointed to man the national security department of his government, Kan

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