SmartSapp Finds Solution To Kidnapping Kids

  A kid exploring the app with a man believed to be his father

A new
mobile application called SmartSapp has been designed for parents and school
authorities to ensure children’s safety.

by MineX 360 Group Services, the application identifies who drops off children
at school and who picks them up and at the exact time.  

It was
launched on Thursday at the Holiday Inn Hotel to, among other objectives, help
prevent recent cases of kidnapping of school kids in the country.

to Frank Natie, Managing Director of Minex, the app is the most convenient and
safest way of securing children’s security.

It would
also take over from the manual system where parents spend a lot of time in
queues to authenticate their identity of their children before picking their children
from school. 

that register for this app get to access the profiles of designated guardians
of pupils, including their photographs. 

is also connected to banks and Mobile Money services to enable parents to pay
various forms of fees outlined by a school. 

Frank Natie
on Thursday that parents can only be on the app if their children’s school is
also on the app. He, therefore, appealed to schools to join the app, revealing that
a pilot project “was carried out and a number of schools have already
subscribed to the SmartSapp.”

He also
indicated his company’s willingness to extend the app’s use to the general
public and foreigners who travel to Ghana for tourism purposes.

it is designed for the school system but we can extend it to other industries.
We will exploit those options but now we want to make sure that the schools are
happy, satisfied and they are getting value; which is what we are interested
in,” he added. 

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