Voncujovi Upbeat About MMC Live 2019


Christopher Voncujovi, a popular Ghanaian illusionist and magician, has expressed excitement and readiness to stun patrons at this year’s Music Magic & Comedy (MMC Live) show, which is being organised by Global Media Alliance (GMA).

Voncujovi is a professional stage illusionist, ‘vodu’ and Afa/Ifa priest who performs not only at local shows but also travels around the world to enthuse many audiences. He belongs to the Afrikan Magick Temple, a traditional shrine that offers spiritual aid and consultation in Accra, Ghana.

“The mission of the Afrikan Magick Temple is to make traditional West African spirituality accessible to anyone interested, especially the youth. We seek to awaken spiritual selves for both individual and communal benefit. Our project is made possible through the guidance of experienced spiritualists referred to in the Ewe language as ‘Bokors’,” he indicated.

With over 20 years of practice in magical acts, Voncujovi has originated ‘Africo Hindu Magic’ ‒ a combination of African, Indian and Western styles of magic, which includes the fakir style of magic, fire eating, magic with animals, playing cards, dancing on broken bottles, lifting things with his eyeballs, mind reading, among others.

Sharing his experience as a great illusionist, Voncujovi said he started his career as a teacher after which he travelled to India to study oriental philosophy and became a Hindu-related Sanyansi (monk).

“I was later made the regional priest of Bangkok region covering Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, including Thailand, but left the monkhood after four years to go back to my childhood fascination of becoming a great magician,” he added.

For his second time performing at MMC Live show, Christopher Voncujovi will be demonstrating a never-seen before acts live on stage at the Accra International Conference Centrr (AICC) come June 29, 2019.

Other performers who will also mount the stage that evening are Sarkodie, Wendy Shay, comedian Acapella from Nigeria, OB Amponsah, Foster Romanus, among others.

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